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Shredding and Destruction

Do you need to dispose of confidential information securely, without the risk of data being recovered, and your business being compromised?

At OASIS, we take the pain out of the whole process. Providing a confidential shredding, media and hard drive destruction service, to help protect your business against data breaches and other business risks. You can relax knowing a secure destruction process has been purpose built for you.

Benefits of our Shredding and IT Asset Disposal Services

Protect your Sensitive Information: Maintain total confidentiality of your data with our safe, environmentally friendly and compliant secure destruction processes. This includes all media types, various disposal schedules, onsite placements and recycled shredding.

Avoid Regulatory Compliance Breaches and Fines: Our processes will ensure your business destroys old information, according to European WEEE Directive and other governmental and regulatory rules.  We’ll follow your retention schedules and policies and provide a Certificate of Destruction for every disposal project.

Free up Office Space: Don’t let the paper files pile up on desks or let old I.T. assets impact business efficiency. By implementing a shredding and asset destruction service, you can get back much needed office space and keep your competitive edge with new replacement technology.

Flexible Shredding and Destruction Procedures to Suit your Disposal Needs: Whether you require regular shredding of confidential documents or one-off media destructions each year, we can offer a service tailored to your business.

Support Green Initiatives: All paper shredded material is recycled and supports your company’s green initiatives.

Shredding Process

Although we pride ourselves on our ability to create a completely bespoke shredding and destruction service, a standard shredding process is outlined below:



Members of our Asset Disposal and Shredding team will regularly collect the material for shredding from your premises at a scheduled time. A secure chain of custody is maintained throughout the removal process.




Your files will be safely transported inside our GPS-tracked vehicles.  The vehicles themselves are fitted with Slam Locks and secure partitions to provide an extra layer of security.

shredding and Destruction

Shredding & Destruction

When the records arrive at our off-site shredding and destruction facility. Documents are cross-cut shredded to a maximum size of 2800sqmm (level 3) to comply with EN15713 Code of practice for the secure destruction of confidential material.

certificate of destruction


Once the sensitive material has been securely destroyed, our Asset Disposal and Shredding team will issue a Certificate of Destruction and all shredded material will be recycled helping to support your organisation's green initiatives.

Shredding and Destruction Options

Off-Site File Shredding

For Secure off-site disposal

Our expert disposal team will come to your office and collect those documents that you designate are ready for secure shredding. These documents are placed into a secure, locked console and taken to our shredding facility. For added protection, after each destruction project, you are given a Certificate of Destruction, which provides you with proof of destruction and also demonstrates your company’s compliance to your records management policies and procedures.

On-site Document Disposal

For regular on-site Shredding

As part of our On-site Document Destruction service OASIS will install high quality security collection consoles throughout your facility. These are strategically placed throughout your facility for easy and convenient use by all employees. These consoles will be collected at regular intervals and the contents securely destroyed.

IT Asset Disposal

For secure data destruction

We can help you establish a secure, compliant and cost-effective information destruction solution. Our fully ISO compliant hard-drive disposal service can handle all media types from media destruction to hard drive disposal.