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Records Management

We understand the importance of protecting your business’ records and information. We help you control your information management processes by storing your documents securely, whilst still providing you with easy access to your files when you need it.

We have provided clients with secure document storage and affordable records management since 1999. Our commitment to delivering a first-rate document management service has allowed us to become one of the largest Records and Information Management (RIM) providers in Europe.

Our records management experts will help you manage your archive and stay ahead of regulatory requirements. As a single source partner for information management, we address every element of your records management needs - from file storage to online access, data protection to secure destruction.

The Benefits of Secure Document Storage

Security: Your document security is our top priority. Whether they are in transit or at our dedicated records centres, we actively combat against any unauthorised access threats, environmental damage and fire hazards. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and fire detection technology. Our infrastructure and processes ensure that your documents are always safe.

Fast and Easy Access to your Information: Moving your files and records off site does not mean losing access to them. With our secure online portal, OASIS Bridge, you can manage your records from your desk.

Flexible Offsite File Storage: Every business' storage requirements are different. This is why we build a bespoke storage package for every client (no matter how big or small the organisation). We can cope with large or small volumes, regular or ad hoc retrievals, individual files or entire boxes. We are committed to providing the best possible records management process for your business.

Data Protection and Disaster recovery: If you are worried about the safety of your records from fire, pests, floods or natural disasters, our safe and secure records management system can help you mitigate risks by providing your organisation with a valuable backup should the worst occur.

Maximise your Office Space: Whether you have only one office or several buildings, we know that getting the most out of your space is paramount to your organisation’s success. Our file management and document storage facilities have helped countless organisations recover that much-needed room to help their business thrive.

Control Information Management Costs: Save time wasted searching through documents or looking for information. With our easy to use OASIS Bridge software, your valuable employee hours can be utilised on more important core business functions.

Document Storage Process

Complete end-to-end file management process:  Our expert team members actively strive to provide you with the best possible records management solution, tailored to your individual requirements.

Although document storage processes vary from client to client, a typical process is outlined below.




OASIS collect the boxes/files from your office. The documents will be transported to our records centre for registration and storage.



Your records will be transported with GPS-equipped vehicles. OASIS can pinpoint the exact location of all vehicles at any time. Our vehicles are fitted with Slam Locks and are kept locked at all times throughout daily deliveries and collections. At no time do any of our drivers leave their vehicles unattended without thoroughly securing the vehicle beforehand.



When the records arrive in the secure area of our records centre, the unique barcode for each box and/or file is registered. The barcodes are linked to the data captured by OASIS, enabling you to access your records any time via the Records Management System, OASIS Bridge. 


Physical Retrievals

As an additional service you will also benefit from having unlimited access to our Records Management system; OASIS Bridge. From this secure portal users can quickly and easily request the retrieval of their stored boxes or records. From there our couriers will deliver the required files or boxes directly to your premises.


Digital Retrievals with OASIS Bridge

Using our state-of-the-art scanning equipment our scanning experts can digitise any type of document (files, certificates, books manuscripts, magazines, newspapers and technical drawings) to the appropriate colour resolution and format. Our scanning experts will instantly upload the document(s) to our easy to use OASIS Bridge system. Once there you can preview download print and modify records from any location.

For more information on our scanning services click here.

Point-to-Point Tracking

Point-to-Point Tracking

Through the use of our handheld barcode scanners, we can provide comprehensive point-to-point tracking of any item in our records centre, to and from the shelf, to the delivery vehicle, to a client’s premises and back again.

Every step of the way, you will know the date and time each action occurred.

This feature gives you complete control over your records and provides a full audit trail.

Document Storage Options



For Frequently Retrieved Documents

If you require the daily retrieval of records, our dynamic archive option will suit you best.  Used by many of our health and legal clients, the dynamic archive option provides you with the flexibility and ease of in-house storage, with all the security and financial benefits of an off-site archive.

In addition to these services, we can also offer a scheduled reminder to help you identify when your documents can legally be destroyed. For more information on our range of destruction services click here.


For Regularly Retrieved Files

If you need to retrieve your files more regularly we recommend our semi-static storage option. Semi-static storage gives you the cost benefits of an offsite archive, while saving you the hassle of storage and maintaining document access as needed.


For Rarely Retrieved Documents

If you rarely retrieve your files then our cost efficient deep storage solution is the ideal service for your archive. This option is typically used by organisations that need to comply with regulations or legally defined retention periods. The deep storage service allows you to maximise office space while maintaining complete regulatory compliance.

Looking for a tailored

Document Storage Solution?

Our expert records managment team can help you with
  • Irregular file retrievals
  • Sporadic or on demand file access
  • Daily record retrievals