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NoteSpace offers GPs secure off-site record storage and easy access to patient records. As well as releasing space for practices to use for additional consulting rooms or alternative revenue generating activities, noteSpace also meets CQC requirements for records storage security standards.

noteSpace Digital

We currently manage millions of Lloyd George records for General Practices across the UK.

Release valuable space, reduce staff workload and improve patient safety in your General Practice with our fully managed Lloyd George & A4 medical record digitisation service.







Improve patient care by being able to access the complete, legacy medical record at the point of care delivery.

Release space to improve patient facilities such as easier patient access, waiting areas and treatment availability, or use the space for additional revenue generating activities.

Reduce administration time by removing the need to photocopy records for Subject Access and the need to manually locate paper records.

Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged records and the threat of losing records to fire or flood.

The original Lloyd George record is held in deep storage giving assurance the record is available if needed.

New records are collected and digitised as part of a regular visit to the Practice during the contract.




Records are collected, catalogued, barcoded and boxed at a time to suit the Practice. 


Records are digitised to BS10008:14 standard and then returned securely to your Practice for direct attachment to the clinical record.


Records are available to be searched and retrieved online via noteSpace


Lloyd George files are placed in deep storage at a local OASIS secure off-site record centre

Future Records

noteSpace 'follow-on' service ensures that when the scanning is complete, new records coming into the Practice are captured on an ongoing basis rather than being added to staff workload.

Secure destruction 

Records shredded to BS EN 15713 standard or ongoing deep storage.

noteSpace from Niche Health

Fully compliant

Compliant with CQC requirements for Records management

Quick and Easy

Instant access to patient records on demand

Increase Space

Replace archive space with treatment rooms

Improve Patient Facilities

Improve waiting areas and create easier access for patients