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Media Vault

Our off-site media vault  is perfect for storing highly confidential, historical, or irreplaceable media such SLR data cartridges, 4mm, 8mm, DLT, SDLT tapes, cassettes, open reel tapes and many more.

Our media storage experts and carefully maintained climate controlled media vault provide an ideal storage solution to our clients who require either the long term preservation of historical tapes or the short term storage and rotation of active media.

Our media vault storage service safeguards your business-critical information assets by providing safe, secure transportation and storage of backup media and eliminates any risk of potential data breach.

Media Vault Storage Benefits

Avoid Data Breaches: Many organisations rely on employees taking home backup tapes containing personally-identifiable and commercially-sensitive data. Such a practice could be in breach of GDPR, and increase your risk of litigation, fines and reputational damage.

Complete Chain of Custody: Our secure media vault storage clients benefit from an exhaustive audit trail with log records for every pick-up and delivery.

Preserve your Data: Heat, cold and humidity can all cause data deterioration. Our media vaults, store backup tapes in fully air-conditioned and humidity-controlled conditions thus preserving your most critical data.

Cost Effective: Our Backup Tape Rotation Service allows you to reuse your old storage tapes thereby allowing you to make the most of your investment.

Optimise Office Space: Our Backup Tape Rotation service allows clients to utilise more of their premises for core business functions by reducing the amount of on-site storage.

Media Vault Storage Process

Although usage of our Media Vault is tailored to the needs of each client, a typical process is outlined below


Tape collection schedule


A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will work with a member of your organisation to develop an optimal Backup rotation schedule. The backup tape rotation schedule will be added to our information management portal and a work order will routinely initiate.



A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will collect your tapes from your premises. Tapes are securely transported in protected containers and in GPS-tracked vehicles, until safely placed in our climate-controlled media vault.

Tape and Media Vault Storage


All tapes identified by a unique barcode, and placed within our secure and fully air-conditioned and humidity-controlled media vault where they remain protected and preserved until required by the client.

Tape Retrieval


A member of our Secure Tape Storage team will be automatically notified of your routine retrieval request. Your tapes will be identified and located via their unique barcodes and securely delivered back to your premises.


Secure Media Vault Storage Options

Backup Tape Rotation Service

For Regular Tape Replacement

Guard you mission critical data with our reliable, secure and cost-effective tape rotation service. Whether you need to store tapes, cassettes, reels or other media formats, our tape rotation service ensures that your data is securely preserved and available when required.

Long-Term Tape Storage

For infrequently retrieved Tapes

Magnetic media, discs, film or other electronic backups, are safely stored and preserved in our state-of-the-art media vault.