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Tape Restoration and Conversion

Armed with a specialist knowledge in tape restoration and conversion techniques as well as state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you recover data previously irretrievable, saving it in an accessible media format that can be quickly and effectively restored.

OASIS is one of only three companies in the EU that can offer maximum data recovery when restoring and converting your legacy tapes into readable information.

Our expert restoration and conversion experts have the capacity to deal with any data recovery requests, from ad-hoc emergency requirements, to the cataloguing and maintaining a database of historical media - even where the where the restoration application or equipment is now obsolete can be migrated to more modern media.

Tape Restoration and Conversion Benefits

Future Proofing your Vital Information: Our guaranteed tape restoration process has the capability to transform your outdated media into a useable format.

Avoid Legacy System Costs: By utilising OASIS' tape restoration and conversion service you no longer need to retain and maintain expensive legacy systems.

Fast and Reliable Service: Our tape conversion and restoration experts adhere to pre-set turnaround times on tape restoration and delivery of targeted data.

Fully Defensible Tape Restoration Process: Where clients have a legal or regulatory obligation to maintain their data, our tape conversion and restoration process provides a reliable method to meet these demands.

Efficient Workflow: Our expert team members have the capacity to restore and convert large volumes of historical data in a very short time frame. They can compliment and enhance your organisation's existing work practices.

Streamline Data Backup Processes: Where organisations have their data on several different media we have the capacity to consolidate it into a single format.


Tape Restoration and Conversion Process

Although the restoration and conversion process is an agreed, client driven undertaking, a typical  conversion exercise is outlined below:



Memebers of our Tape Restoration and Conversion team will collect the tapes identified for restoration or conversion




Your tapes will be securely transported inside our GPS-tracked vehicles to our restoration and conversion facility.

Digitisation and Restoration

Restoration & Conversion

Upon arrival at our tape restoration and conversion facility tapes are restored and converted to the clients specification.

tape delivery


Once the tapes have been restored and converted to the desired format they are securely delivered to the client.

Tape Restoration and Conversion Options

Tape to Cloud

Cloud-based data backup service

This cloud-based service, pulls the data from backup tapes and other media, converts it into useable files, and stores it in a cloud-based solution – facilitating restoration in minutes. 


Data Migration & Recovery

Migration Service for Legacy Media

The conversion of Data held on media where the restoration application or equipment is now obsolete can be migrated to more modern media.