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Digital Transformation

Through Omnidox, we offer a range of specific solutions for business process outsourcing with a proven reputation for delivering rapid ROI.

OASIS has decades of experience in document processing, with a reputation for innovation, reliability and swift ROI. We provide services to a variety of organisations including local and central government, large corporations and SMEs in the private sector.

By automating and streamlining processes for specific back office functions, we help clients free-up resources and increase operational efficiencies within their organisations. This means your staff can focus on core tasks, helping your business to achieve greater productivity where it is needed the most.

Through improved service levels and enhanced all-round efficiencies, we have a reputation for ‘transforming departmental functions’ and typically reduce our clients’ costs by some 60%.

We offer dedicated Omnidox solutions for:

  • Accounts Payable / Invoice Processing
  • HR Records Management
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Forms/Claims Processing





The Benefits of Digital Transformation

Instant Access: With Omnidox you have instant access to your documents 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. 

Shareability: Your documents can be accessed similtaneously and sared with ease.

Security: Your documents are hosted in a secure environment with the added benefit of disaster recovery processes. 

Digital Transformation Options


Instant access to your records

Your documents are securely hosted in our award winning Cloud platform Omnidox. Authorised users have secure access to their electronic documents within a matter of seconds, from any mobile, tablet or desktop device connected to the internet.


Safeguard critical information

Using Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning we are able to capture the data you need, with little to no human interaction. Any queries that are identified are routed to our specialist data entry teams for review and input.


Dedicated solutions

Through our award winning Omnidox Cloud system we have dedicated solutions to help with specialist business processes such as HR, Accounts Payable, Accounts Recievable and Digital Mailroom. Created from decades of experience helping clients across all sectors with their digital transitions and long-term information management.


Multipe methods available

Whether you are digiising your archive for the first time or migrating from a legacy system we have the capability to manage and convert most formats of data. From scanning of paper and microfiche to ingestion from your exisiting systems, our experts are on hand to provide advice and help you decide the best option for your business information.