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Cloud Storage and Business Continuity

We understand the pressures on businesses to devise an appropriate disaster recovery plan. Our Business Continuity team tirelessly works to protect your organisation from unforeseen occurrences such as natural disasters, power outages, virus outbreaks, ransomware attacks, hardware failures and human error.

Our Cloud Storage and Business Continuity service allows clients to easily and continuously backup their data to the cloud and eliminate the danger of data loss.

With our Cloud storage and Business Continuity service, clients are assured that their duty of care to their customers' data is fulfilled.

Cloud Storage and Business Continuity Benefits

Fast recovery when disaster strikes: As backup occurs on a continuous basis, in the event of a catastrophic failure restoration can be achieved within 5 minutes.

Free up IT staff: Our fully automated and easy to use backup and continuity service eliminates the need for manual intervention thus freeing your IT team to deal with core business functions.

Protection against ransomware attacks: It is estimated that only 4% of organisations can claim to confidently deal with ransomware attacks. Our Backup and Business continuity service eliminates anxiety around the security of both your and your clients' information.

Simple predictable costs: Our simple pricing structure and reduced hardware or peripheral costs allows you to budget effectively.

Future-proof storage: Cloud storage's independence of physical media means that you no longer have to rely on technologies which may become obsolete over time.

Scaleability: Our Backup and Business Continuity clients benefit from the scalability and elasticity of cloud storage, which affords them the opportunity to store as much, or as little data as they need.


Follow the link to find out how your organisation can benefit from our cloud storage and business continuity service.

Cloud Storage and Business Continuity Process



A member of our business continuity team will analyse your current backup solution and IT infrastructure. Alternatively fill out our quick questionnaire and a Business Continuity expert will help you identify the best possible business continuity and cloud storage service.

cloud storage build


A Business Continuity expert will work with your organisation to design a robust, scalable and responsive backup and business continuity solution, tailored to the requirements of your organisation.



Once designed, a member of the business continuity team will work with you to seamlessly integrate your new cloud backup and Businesses continuity system into your existing workflow. Thus providing your organisation with a simple, automated and secure backup of data.



As part of our Cloud Storage and Business Continuity service you will benefit from regular reports, proactive service and maintenance, as well as 24/7 phone and email support from experienced and fully trained engineers.

Cloud Storage and Business Continuity Options


Instant on-site Virtualisation

Run virtual machines directly on our appliances, simplifying restore scenarios for your organisation. This comprehensive, feature rich solution, provides the fastest possible backup and restoration offering.



Cloud server virtualisation

With our Off-Site Cloud virtualisation option you can enjoy the scalability that using SaaS (Software as a Service) provides while avoiding up-front Infrastructural costs.



Cloud Storage with Traditional Backup

Our hybrid cloud storage with traditional backup service gives you the benefits of both systems. The reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of traditional backup with the speed and flexibility of cloud.