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We understand the importance of protecting your business’ records and information. We help you control your information management processes by storing your documents securely, whilst still providing you with easy access to your files when you need it.

Our records management experts will help you manage your archive and stay ahead of regulatory requirements. As a single source partner for information management, we address every element of your records management needs - from file storage to online access, data protection to secure destruction.

We provide you with the best information management tools, helping you unlock the potential in your documents and data. Our comprehensive suite of information management services includes:

Records Management

Our Records Management service adresses all your document management needs, by ensuring that your documents are efficiently archived and stored in our secure records centres. While our OASIS Bridge software allows you to track and trace documents: from creation, transportation, storage, retrieval, to its eventual destruction.

Scanning & Digitisation

Our Scanning and Imaging services provide you with quick retrieval of diverse information types in a secure, indexed, searchable and highly scalable web-hosted repository. Our scanning and imaging service helps you deal with endless paper files and the misplacement of important records, by simplifying complex document exchange processes.

Shredding & Destruction

You can destroy your most confidential business documents or media using our flexible and highly secure shredding and destruction facilities. With our confidential shredding, data destruction and I.T. asset disposal services we can help you dispose of confidential information securely, and mitigate against the risk of a data breach.

Vault Storage

Our highly secure vault storage option enables you to store, protect and preserve your most sensitive or confidential documents in a highly secure off-site facility. Our vaults provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access, and burglary and is ideal way to protect exceptionally valuable documents or those requiring special environmental conditions.

Regulatory Compliance & GDPR

From readiness advice to document retention policy design, our expert team will help you maintain regulatory compliance for your business’ records from their creation to their disposal. With our full suite of document management services we will have your organisation prepared and compliant for current and future data regulation.

Backup, Cloud Storage & Business Continuity

Our Backup, Cloud Storage and Business Continuity services provide you with 24/7 backup and protection for your data. Whether your data is stored off-site, in the cloud or hybrid, our expert team can provide the right service to safeguard your business’ information and protect against data loss.

Digitisation & Restoration

Our digitisation and restoration services lets you create value from your old tapes by transforming old legacy media into an easily accessible digital format. Our digitisation and restoration experts can transform old data from historical or damaged tapes to into small digital files, allowing clients avoid the purchase or maintenance of expensive legacy systems.   

Media Vault

Our media storage service allows you to store your tapes, magnetic media, discs, film and other media in our climate controlled media storage vaults. This reliable and cost effective off-site storage service provides you with a tried and tested data backup and recovery solution. Our media vault gives you an additional layer of security while protecting your valuable information from environmental damage.