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Preparing Records for Storage

Thursday, 11th July 2013 | 0 comments

Off-site record storage companies offer a great benefit to businesses that have an excess of inactive or semi-active documents in the office that, although not needed daily, must be retained for specific periods of time. Before sending these records to a facility for storage, businesses should organize them efficiently. Organizing, classifying and sorting documents are important tasks in the preparation of documents for off-site storage.

After the appropriate records to be sent to off-site storage are identified, they need to be sorted using key descriptors of the type of record and subject. This will help keep them organized, which will benefit those who inevitably need them again. They should also be separated by retention periods.

For example, it wouldn't be prudent to store records that are due to be destroyed in one year with records that must be retained for another seven years.

To ensure that all records are organized by retention date and function, it is important to label them accurately. Spending the extra amount of time preparing records and checking label accuracy can save a tremendous amount of time later down the road when they are delivered back to the office.

Labeling includes adding a destruction date. Although records may be labeled accurately with dates pertaining to their information, they may have different retention schedules. Two records from the same month and year may not be scheduled for the same destruction date.

It is imperative for companies to not only review all of their documents before storing records, they should also review documents when they are in storage to insure they are destroyed when eligible. This will help determine exactly what records should be kept and eliminate any ineligible files that are past their retention date, helping to reduce costs. It is important to ensure that money and resources are not spent to store records that no longer need to be retained.

Professional records management companies can assist with the organization, sorting and classification of records, whether you are preparing documents for storage or already have documents in storage. Proper classification and organization will assist business in locating records when they are needed, whether for day-to-day functions, or urgent business circumstances.