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ODM has arrived....

16th June 2017

The release of Omnidox Document Manager has been eagerly aniticipated by Box-it South Midlands. The little sister to the award winning Omnidox Product has now been released.

ODM is a highly secure Cloud Based Electronic Document Platform, accessibile 24/7 via secure Internet Access. It is designed to manage all types of document volumes with rapid retrieval.

ODM allows you to search and retrieve your digital documents online, enabling both ourselves and our clients to upload documents into the system and catalouge thier images to the specified indexed fields.

Bespoke fields and personalisation are available when the platform is set-up. Clients can control levels of employee access by restricting profiles. All users will be set up to the clients profile specification. The system lets you select a document from the inventory and either view it, download it, print it, or email it depending on employee access restrictions. Once the document has been scanned, further documentation can be added to the ongoing digital file.

For more information on this product or a hassle free no obligation quotation, simply contact us via the website, or email and a member of the Box-it Sales Team will then guide you through the process.

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