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Languages without borders

By Jade Miles, Friday, 21st February 2020 | 0 comments

Today (21st February 2020) marks International Mother Language Day. The annual holiday declared by UNESCO (the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation) in 1999 celebrates linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.  

Observed annually on 21st February the event promotes the dissemination of mother tongues as well as providing an awareness and understanding of both cultural and linguistic traditions. This year’s theme “Languages without borders” will contribute to promoting peaceful dialogue and social inclusion.

Local, cross-border languages can promote peaceful dialogue, at OASIS cross-boardroom languages help to promote diversity and innovation across our organisation, with our Senior Leadership Team possessing a range of mother languages including; Norwegian, Polish, Dutch and English!

A message from OASIS Group CEO Espen Halvorsen in both his mother language Norwegian and English:

"OASIS Group er stolte av a supportere like muligheter for begge kjønn i et flerkulturelt arbeidsmiljø. Vi har medarbeidere fra mange forskjellige land i verden og oppfordrer alle medarbeidere til å ha en åpen og ærlig samtale og kommunikasjon med hverandre. Vi arbeider i team på tvers av landegrenser og arbeider med å skape en tillitsfull dialog mellom kulturer og gruppens selskaper. OASIS Group vokser raskt og vi er en organisasjon som stadig gjør oppkjøp av nye selskap. Vi er alltid klare for nye ideer og lytter gjerne til ideer fra all nye medarbeidere." Espen Halvorsen, OASIS Group CEO

"OASIS Group takes pride in promoting gender equality in an open and inclusive multi-cultural environment with Team Members from various countries across the world. We support an honest and open communication where we empower our Team Members to create cross border collaboration with the regions and countries in the Group. Being inquisitive we always have an open mind to new ideas and new Team Members coming into the business." Espen Halvorsen, OASIS Group CEO



As a multi-European operation OASIS Team Members have a number of mother tongues, both from the European regions in which they reside or work and further afield. In fact, a recent poll in just one of our offices showed over 10 Mother Languages being spoken, add to this the second (and in some case third and fourth languages) also being spoken it is easy to see just how important clear communication is.

According to UNESCO globally 40% of the population does not have access to education in a language they speak or understand. Whilst progress is being made in mother-tongue based multilingual education it is important on days such as today to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism we have within our businesses and communities.

We are an organisation that specialise in records, documents, data and so much more but when it is broken down to the core, we specialise in constructed language. The majority (if not all) of the data we store or protect for our clients has language embedded in some shape or form. Just like our business data our languages are important to preserve.